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Welcome to my site.
I am Lily Ruizendaal, born (1961) in Bussum in the Netherlands.

I became fascinated by visual art at an early age. Painting soon developed and developed as a profession.
For years (2004 - 2017) I have given drawing and painting lessons with great pleasure. I also organized art routes, workshops on location. I still make commissioned works and regularly exhibit at home and abroad.

I have mastered many painting techniques over the years and developed a recognizable style of my own.
In 2019 circumstances turned my whole life upside down and I entered a recovery period. However, as positive as I always am, I took advantage of that period to develop a new style in painting.

A clear change can therefore be seen in recent work.
My work now arises from visions / images that I often get through at night. Where I used to always stay neatly within the lines, I have now let go of all perfection and now paint from my heart and soul.
Often when my drawing material / paint dances over the paper I don't know what it will bring me, but this way of working gives me so much freedom and it makes me so happy!
How beautiful can imperfection be!

In short, something very beautiful can arise from a short period in your life, especially if you continue to approach everything positively.
I still paint a lot of subjects, but at the moment my preference is for intuitive portraits. However, everything is possible and negotiable on request.

This website is regularly updated with my latest work. So please come and have a look again.

Thank you for your visit and hope to see you soon.
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